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Bridge FET Edu Centre offers the home school student full-time
face-to-face tutoring, using two Curriculum streams.
Mainstream-Support for Grade 10, 11 & 12 
CAPS Curriculum

Preparing students for the ever-changing future.


Bridge FET Edu Centre is a tutoring centre who, who provides full-time face-to-face structured tutoring on a Mainstream-Support basis for Grade 10, 11, and 12 students, using the Mindscape Education Curriculum.  The Mindscape Curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum and assessments policy statement (CAPS).  We employ highly qualified tutors for different subjects.  Small classroom settings provide an opportunity for tutors to offer individual attention.

Subjects for 2020/21

Compulsory subjects

-  Home Language - English

-  First Additional Language - Afrikaans 

-  Mathematics Literacy 

-  Life Orientation

Choose three additional subjects:

-  Business Studies

-  History

-  CAT (Computer Applications Technology)

-  Tourism

-  Hospitality

-  Life Science

-  Accounting

Concession applications. 

Contact  Us:  011 869 5642
Email:  info@bridgeeducentre.co.za

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Head Boy & Head Girl  for 2021

Samantha Koury & Jarred Delly

In 2020 we won, we failed, we cried, we loved and laughed, but above all we learned!
Class of 2020!

     So impressed with 
the Business Studies

you are teaching.  

Thank you.



— Mrs. Nonoise

     As a parent, I see a smile and pride when she comes home with something she baked. Hospitality is her favorite subject followed by Business Studies.



— Mrs. Luvhengo


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